Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Am I a suitable candidate for Semi Permanent Makeup procedure?

2.What do I need to know/do to prepare prior my Semi Permanent Makeup appointment?

3. What is microblading? And the difference between 6D Eyebrow, Ombre Brow and Microblading with Shading Eyebrow?

4. Will microblading works well for me?

5. Can we cover up/color correct remove my old eyebrow done by other artist?

6. What should I expect after my Semi Permanent makeup treatment?

7. Can I get wash my face or work out after my SPMU Or Prp Microneedling procedure?

8. Can I wear makeup after my Semi Permanent Makeup procedure?

9. How long does it takes for my Semi Permanent Makeup session?

10. Does it hurt?

11. Do you travel to other cities for your Semi Permanent Makeup services? What about touch-ups?

12. Do I need touchup for my Semi Permanent Makeup?

13. How long will my semi permanent makeup last?


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